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Good Bye Tumble Dryer

Hello Environmentally Friendly Drying Day & Night

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The worlds first truly designer wall mounted washing line that is so well suited for its purpose and its time so much so that it surpasses practicality and transcends cool.

A welcome addition to any interior our retractable washing line is a fully functional unit, comprising of autonomous rail systems that blend within any setting allowing for environmentally friendly drying day and night, At last an indoor washing line that eliminates ones reliance on the tumble dryer. Functionality, quality and innovation, the combination of such extraordinary factors makes for the undeniable appeal of this ultra streamline design and the contemporary style created by the designer.line that allows is to move from being an indoor to an outdoor washing line. Allowing for the creation of intriguing combinations and seamless integration within any interior design. A most inviting indoor clothesline with an organic design that inspires neatness and style, the components come together in a fashion that makes for the seamless appearance and a truly surprising design effect. Making it undisputed both in terms of functional performance and the aesthetic qualities of any indoor / outdoor washing line on the market.