At last a designer wall mounted washing line that’s so well suited for its purpose and its time so much so that is surpasses practicality and transcends cool. Making for a welcome addition to any interior as an indoor clothesline the components come together to provide a minimalistic unit making for a seamless appearance and truly surprising design effect.

Such functional performance and aesthetic qualities allow for it to blend within any setting as an indoor washing line allowing for environmentally friendly drying day and night.

Modular in design you can place them outdoors as wellperfect for court yards being a retractable washing line or on balconies this outdoor wall mounted washing line can be installed on all surfaces, removing clutter and unsightly traditional ground based or wall mounted retractable clothes lines.

Functionality, quality and innovation – the combination of such extraordinary factors makes for the undeniable appeal of the ultra-streamline design and ability for it to also be installed as an outdoor washing line to provide a contemporary setting to any outdoor area.

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