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An awesome product with equally awesome customer service.

We have a small apartment and had just installed a laundry when we renovated our bathroom. We were looking for a space spacing solution as well as something that looked good (we don’t have much space to hide or store things). We looked around for months and then remembered that we had seen something on The Block. We immediately liked the compact, sleek look of the designer line.

We could hang our washing out on the side of the bedroom during the week – then pack it away during the weekend, or when guests came over. Just one designerline fits about two loads for us (not inc socks and undies) and it’s fab as we hang the clothes up on a hanger then on the designerline, and when it’s dry, it easily goes into the closet without fuss.

We had a small issue with our first designerline and as soon as we contacted the office for help (and sent the evidence), they happily and promptly organised for a replacement free of charge.

The customer service was super friendly and professional and it was a pleasure to buy from them such a unique, sleek and durable product.

Thank you!

RIP Tumble Dryer

I had been using small portable clotheslines and relying heavily on my clothes dryer when I saw the clothesline black balloons on The Block.

After my clothes dryer broke down, obviously from overuse, I checked out the designer line clothesline. I bought my first clothesline through the the Block Shop and after a short time we were so happy with it we wanted to buy another one!

Block Shop was closed so I googled designer line and came into contact with Phoenix.

They were very helpful and communicated quickly by email.

We now have two designer lines on our back deck attached to our sauna!

It’s great how they can be folded away after washing dry!

No cobwebs, no pegs, no dryer.

One happy customer!!

Good bye tumble dryer you won’t be missed.

Thanks for making my life that little bit easier, I popped two in our bedroom and one in each of kids rooms, I hang the washing out in the morning and by time every ones ready to go to bed they now have to fold there own washing.

Although this took a little coaching but my little monsters are now well trained at least when it comes to putting the laundry away!

Now if you could only make a product that makes them do there home work

Come rain hail or sunshine I’m good to go…

Thanks designer line, no more Chinese laundry with items hanging on any place possible, no more clothes horses and or getting my fingers stuck in them, no more tumble dryer.

I even use it when I am doing my ironing as its great I can pop my ironing board right next to it as I can grab shirts iron them and hang them back up after they’re done

You should put that down as one of the uses / features!


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