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Each unit offers up to 18 metres of uninterrupted hanging space when utilising coat hangers and blends into any exterior or interior setting, using minimal space, allowing for environmentally friendly drying day and night. Easy to install DIY – installation template included for interior and exterior

Additional information

Weight 4.4 kg
Dimensions 180 × 8 × 4 cm


  • – Wall mounted clothesline engineered for easy installation on plaster without the need to be fixed to wall strut 
  • – 5.8m thru 18m of hanging space when utilising coat hangers for items on main rails
  • – Height/extension 1800mm x depth 80mm x width 35mm x spacing 150mm
  • – Maximum extension / load  2.7m / 30 kgs
  • – Main rail |  bed linen and large items
  • – Middle rail | large items and coat hangers
  • – Bottom rail | small items


  • – Stability bar located at the end of each unit which can be locked into parallel unit to prevent damage by wind
  • – Main rail extends a further 1 meter total length 2.7 meters 
  • – Can accommodate items hanging on coat hangers
  • – Easy to install with installation template included
  • – Can accommodate any size bed linen
  • – A dedicated rail for small items


  • – An Eco-friendly indoors clothes airer that reduces your carbon footprint
  • – When installed indoors the clothesline can be used anytime day or night
  • – Eliminates shrinkage/colour fade and use of tumble dryer
  • – Discreet, saves space and ready to use in seconds
  • – Health benefits no dust particles or musty air
  • – No lint build-up or damaged to elastic
  • – Clutter free