Wall Mounted Clothesline & Indoor/Outdoor Clothes Airer

The designer.line eliminates the need and use of tumble dryers, offering an attractive and functional retractable clothesline system that uses organic design to encourage airflow to improve drying time. Modular in design you can install one, two, three or more in one location or in multiple locations be it indoors or outdoors – click on the home page to view the designer.line in action!

A contemporary design that can be easily wall mounted indoors or outdoors, eliminating the need for bulky clothes airers or clothes horses, it is an award Australian design, which is based on a need for space efficiency and a desire for an elegant appearance, the designer.line can move from being inconspicuously blended into its setting as a contemporary design feature to being fully set up and ready to use within a matter of a minute.

AT LAST a wall mounted clothesline that can not only handle any size bed linen but allows you to use coat hangers to hang items out to dry maximising your space and simplifying your life, pop your ironing board in front and you’re ready to do your ironing more easily.

Each unit offers up to 18 metres of uninterrupted hanging space when utilising coat hangers and blends into any exterior or interior setting, using minimal space, allowing for environmentally friendly drying day and night.

An aesthetic design that blends into any surroundings the designer.line is the market leader in innovative wall mounted clothes airers or Indoor clothes airer, , Australian in design, world wide in application, a wall mounted clothes line destine to become iconic.

Outdoor Clothesline by Designerline Australia is just perfect for homes and blends well in the surroundings. Designerline is considered to be a reputed provider of retractable washing line & enjoys customers from all over. The clothesline is durable and custom finishes are available, so as to match all interiors; moreover, the variety is so much that probably, you will be left confused as to which indoor retractable clothesline you should choose. They easily accommodate coats that are hanging on hangers and any size bed linen. It’s clutter free and makes use of eco-friendly materials, so that carbon footprint is reduced.


  • Three rail system: Main rail – bed linen and large items, Middle rail – large items and coat hangers, Bottom rail – small items
  • 5.8m thru 18m of hanging space when utilising coat hangers for items on main rails
  • Height/extension 1800mm x depth 80mm x width 35mm x spacing 150mm
  • A wall mounted clothesline developed and engineered to Australian standards to allow for easy installation on plaster without the need for a wall strut for up to a 30 kg load



  • Wide range of powder-coated colors and custom finishes available to match any interior design & ensures the clotheslines outdoor durability.
  • The indoor / outdoor clothesline provides a solution that is easily integrated into any setting or decor
  • Can accommodate any size bed linen
  • Can accommodate items hanging on coat hangers
  • A dedicated rail for small items
  • Easy to install with installation template included


  • Discreet, saves space and ready to use in seconds
  • When installed indoors the clothesline can be used anytime day or night
  • Health benefits with no dust particles or musty air
  • No more lint build-up or damaged to elastic
  • Eliminates shrinkage and colour fade
  • Clutter free
  • Eliminates use of tumble dryer
  • An Eco-friendly indoors clothes airer that reduces your carbon footprint


OUTDOORS | Two units must be installed side by side to allow for the stabiliser bar located at the end the main arm to be engaged with the parallel unit to prevent lateral movement / damage by wind.

WARNING | When installing outdoors do not locate units and or use them when and or where they will be subjected to strong wind and or stormy conditions.